Thoughts and Feelings – What To Do?

There is no doubt that just as our thoughts are energy, so are our feelings and sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate between the two of them. Especially with those thoughts, those feelings we consider to be negative ones. Take for example, the feeling of shame. It’s a feeling that engenders a whole slew of thoughts. Something happens, we feel shame, usually something in the past, something we’ve done or a memory brings up the feeling of shame, of not having been our best self or perhaps, even, having been our worst self. Often we feel shame about things that happened to us or were done to us, such as the horror of sexual abuse.  When that feeling arises, our mind immediately kicks into gear and begins to list other times in our life, in our past that we feel shameful about. This list amplifies the feeling we are experiencing and we get caught in a circle which seems never ending.  We circle around and around feeling, thinking, feeling and thinking and there seems no way out of the abyss we are falling into. Contrast this to feelings we think of as good ones. Something happens: someone does something nice for us, we hear good news, or we get something we’ve been waiting for.  We simply enjoy the feeling. We don’t start comparing or listing all the other times we’ve been happy or felt good or done something we are proud about.  We are able to be with the feeling and to feel energized.  Energized – yes, because we didn’t get trapped into a circle of never ending thoughts and feelings – we simply are able to be.  Part of the reason for this is that positive feelings vibrate at a higher frequency than negative ones.  We literally send vibes out into the world, into the universe and this frequency attracts and latches on to a band of frequency that exists around us “out there” in the world and we connect – connect to life. Negative feelings, those that engender thoughts and lists vibrate at a lower frequency which makes it difficult for them to attract other energies.  And this is part of the key.  When we are caught in that circle, we are trapped within our self and we don’t extend our energy out, keeping it held inside our own body and because the energy is in a container so to speak, it builds and builds with no release.  What to do? If we can teach our self to be aware of what is going on then we can find a way out of this imprisoning circle of thoughts and feelings, of lists of what our mind tells us are failures.  This is what I am learning to do on a more conscious level than ever before.  I stop, I breathe, I approach the feeling of shame within me with gentleness.  I remind myself that we all have times, things, events in our life where we feel we didn’t match up to what we expected of our self.  The moment I become aware that we all experience this at times, I raise my energetic frequency.  Simply by including others in my experience I break open the circle of aloneness; of isolation and the moment I do this my energy rises up from my body to meet the universal frequency and strength returns because, now, I am no longer alone.  I have tapped into the grid so to speak, well, literally really. I think, I believe this is why we feel so disempowered when we are in a state of negative thought and feeling.  It’s because those times, those experiences separate us from the energy of the cosmos, the energy of ALL. So, perhaps the best, the smartest, the most healing thing to do at times of disempowerment is to speak to our self, to remind our self that we are not the only one, that we are not alone in feeling this way or thinking this way.  It’s not a magic pill, it’s not going to make your life change in the blink of an eye.  Or is it? Gentle Joss / She Who Walks in Beauty

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