Pay Attention to Your Friendships.

“Choose your friends

wisely” we

were taught when


And yet, looking

back on it, that

advice was more

about not hanging

out with those

who smoked, drank

or did drugs,

skipped school

or got pregnant.

Not that those

are behaviours

to ignore but in the

long run, they were

asking us to focus

on surface things,

behaviours that

change, that mature

that go away over


That teenager who

got pregnant

the one who was

smoking pot in the

school washroom?

One ended up being

an awesome


the other became the head of

a volunteer organization

known world wide

for its aid and effectiveness.

And even so

would either of them

be today’s

wise choice for you?

So…choose your

friends wisely.

Pay attention

to who you are

when you’re

with them.

Are you given

opportunity to

speak of what

matters to you

are you being




and honoured for

what you

bring to the table?

Are laughter and

tears shared and


Is the way you

walk your

path of life

accepted and

delighted in?

Do the people you

hang with

know you,

see you for

who you are

even, maybe

especially, in

your vulnerable

ugly moments?

When you wrap

yourself inside the

confines of a

cocoon, do they

truly know you

will emerge a

glorious butterfly

and do they

wait in


while you are


When you are


worn down to

the bone by

life’s tragedies

by heartache

beyond bearing

do they show up

with hugs and

hot chicken soup?

Pay attention to your


hold on to those

whose love is


and release into the void


who are unable or

who choose

not to

know you.

~Joss Burnel

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