My Choice / Your Choice

Two souls drink out of the same stream. One is refreshed and strengthened to continue their journey, the other curses the circumstances that have led them to drink from a stream rather than in the comfort of a home. One says a prayer of thankfulness and blesses the stream for her gift. One stands up and curses the stream for being other than what they wished for themselves, and urinates in it. ~Joss Burnel Same situation, two different people with two different responses. I wrote those short lines a few years ago and they are as applicable in my life today as they were then. I choose. That’s really what it boils down to, I choose each day how I am going to respond to my life, to my circumstances, to myself. Good and bad come to us all, sometimes marvelous and horrible come as well. We react, of course we do, and then we get to choose how we will respond. It is one of the precepts of my life – this knowing that I have the power, the ability, the responsibility to choose, every day, the person I will be.  

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