A Fenced-in Garden

To be still in quietness in crowds Stillness as centered heart place The stillness of the mind can only happen in the stillness of the heart The heart can be the gate of the mind The gate needs to be closed or the mind simply allows all and everything to enter its courtyard Better to […]

Pay Attention to Your Friendships.

“Choose your friends wisely” we were taught when young. And yet, looking back on it, that advice was more about not hanging out with those who smoked, drank or did drugs, skipped school or got pregnant. Not that those are behaviours to ignore but in the long run, they were asking us to focus on […]

A Hunger for More

We have carried the pain of generations in our bones throughout our life the very blood, the most minuscule of particles that makes us this particular woman remembers all who went before us Too often we have pretended to be fine to please those around us to allow this world to think that everything is […]

She Who Walks in Beauty

Something different for you today, dear Readers. A recording of my signature poem, “Walk in Beauty”