If God Was a Woman

It’s an intriguing idea, don’t you think?

What if, instead of being a male figure, a Father, God is a female figure, a Mother? Oh, I’m not here to discuss theology with you or prove my point from ancient texts or discoveries. I’m a woman, a woman raised in a patriarchal society, in a patriarchal religion. A woman who has never quite felt comfortable around this Father God. A woman who has been intrigued by the concept of a Divine Feminine. A woman with a seeking heart who has always felt connected to something in the beyond: to that something at the heart of all there is.

With gentle prodding, mystic and poet Joss Burnel invites you to re-evaluate the harsher, patriarchal view of a distant God, and demonstrates just how personal a relationship with the Divine can be.

Three Sisters: Mystic, Priestess, Wild Woman

A Mystic, a Priestess, and a Wild Woman sit down to dinner. What happens next?

They are poets, the three, different and same. A book of poetry is discussed and a plan laid out. Cards are drawn and the project is blessed. The three sisters begin a process. Each one writes seven poems and shares with one of the others. That sister writes a poem inspired by the first and sends her set of poems on to the third.

What results are three sequences or trains of poetry each inspired by another. We hope you are as delighted as we were to see the end result. Poems about emotions, spirituality, relationships, wisdom, and nature. Join our sisterhood, maybe we will inspire you too.

Seven Degrees of Wisdom

If you’ve ever wished you could sit down with a mother or grandmother – yours or someone else’s – and get their advice or input, here’s your chance to do that.

We are seven women – mothers and/or grandmothers – ranging in age from early 20s to early 80s. Between us we have pretty much done and seen it all, burning some bits and gathering pearls along the way. Aging, Having a Voice, Wisdom, Courage, Love, Loss and Risk are the topics you will find within the pages of this book.

From poetry to short story and prose, we share our experiences of some of the profound moments of life. Grab a cup of tea, a glass of wine, or mug of coffee. Get comfortable. You just may find the advice you’ve been seeking and even some you didn’t know you needed. 25% of royalties from the sale of this book will go to a women’s shelter in Cuenca, Ecuador for women and children who have escaped abusive situations, called Mujeres Con Exito.