About Joss

I am first and foremost a storyteller. I believe that our stories are at the heart of who we are and that we learn best from one another’s stories.
There are two things I am passionate about, words and their impact on all of life. I believe words to be the most powerful force in the world. I am a published author and speak three languages.

How we use words, how we understand them and how we impact our own self, others, and the world with how we use words has been a lifelong study of mine. The written word saved me through a difficult childhood and taught me there was a world out there that I could become a part of.

I have been a language teacher, both of French and English as second languages, and a copyeditor for many years, as well as a counsellor, life coach, mentor and Holistic Health coach to women.

My myriad and troubled life experiences and the healing work I have done regarding them, have given me the wisdom and grace to feel into women’s personal issues and help them navigate through, coming out the other side with tools to help them live a fulfilled life.

Whether I am reading, writing, teaching, or coaching, words are at the heart of everything I do, everything I am.

I am an enthusiastic writing coach who makes plain to women who have a book idea how to get those words out of their heart and onto the written page ready for publication within 60 days.

I am a published author and experienced copyeditor and language teacher who helps you present your writing in the best possible light so that your story can be recognized for the wisdom and ideas it contains.
It is my mission to ensure that women’s stories are not lost.

Too often women’s words have been forbidden, destroyed, or hidden away. I want to ensure that women’s stories are heard and preserved far into the future by offering the opportunity and working with you, one on one, to get
your story published.

Gentle Joss / Holistic Writing Coach

Why a holistic writing coach? What is that even? Why would you ever need one?

Holistic, in its simplest form, means including all. Just like when I worked as a Holistic Health Coach, I dealt with the whole person – their physical health, their mental well-being, their emotional state, what was happening in their life, how did they feel about it, what were their dreams etc. etc. So, too as a Holistic Writing Coach I deal with the whole person, the whole package.

Writing is more than just putting words down on the page. What you write includes who you are, what you believe about life and about the world, what your experiences have been, what situations have formed the person, the writer you are. All of that comes into play when you sit down to write.

As a writing coach, I help you navigate the telling of your story. What to include, what to leave out, what to change, what to expand upon. And yes, I do the other stuff too, like copy editing and book covers for non-fiction books.

Writing can be and often is a lonely journey and writers often question themselves. Let me walk with you and be your companion as you navigate the telling of your story in order to share it with the world.

Kimberlee D. Wood / Author
Kimberlee D. Wood / Author
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Trust Joss Burnel. Innate creativity. Spot on writer wisdom instinct! A genuine passion to see your story, your body of work become your best intention. Trust Joceline, as I did, and you will open a life changing gift to yourself that continues to give long after the contracted work is completed.
Barbara Snow / Author
Barbara Snow / Author
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As an accomplished writer herself, Joss is a potent ally to help guide you through the process of writing your own book. She will grasp what you want to accomplish and help you uncover tactics and strategies to create your best work and to present it to the world. Having been a teacher for years, Joss excels not only at the mechanics of copy-editing, but also at helping you navigate through your process of creation. Her gentle insights will be welcome corrections that will make you feel safe and confident at the same time. Whatever your project, after you work with Joss, you will have a friend and creative ally for life.
Melody J. Crabb
Melody J. Crabb
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I have had the pleasure of working with Joss Burnel over the past three years. In that time I have had the opportunity to observe her book sessions, read her work, and watched her book shares. Ms. Tate is an outstanding and impressive coach. She demonstrates a passionate and unwavering commitment to her craft and content area. She is truly an expert in her field. Her coaching leaves her students wanting to work harder and learn more.