A Fenced-in Garden

To be still
in quietness
in crowds
Stillness as
heart place
The stillness
of the mind
can only happen
in the stillness
of the heart
The heart can
be the gate
of the mind
The gate needs
to be closed
or the mind
simply allows
all and everything
to enter
its courtyard
Better to close
the gate
than to spend
one’s life
sweeping out
cleaning up
after guests and
The mind allows
free passage
to everyone
and everything
The heart asks
are you an
invited guest?
The mind
fears loss
and is terrified
of being less
and so
it accumulates
and gathers
The heart is
a fenced-in
and the
scent and beauty
of its herbs
and flowers
bless all
who pass by
Visitors are
by choice
not need
Evening arrives
and all return
to their own
the heart rests
and refreshes.

~Joss Burnel

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